Rookie Mistake

By , 13 April, 2014, 1 Comment

I’ve finally settled on a pattern.  Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Aran Coat.

I purchased a very large amount of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky.

I swatched (yes, really, see??).


I checked the gauge.  3 stitches to the inch.  Switched to size 11 needles and cast on.  Knitted a few rounds and checked gauge again.  Just over the recommended 2.5 stitches per inch. Good enough.  I knit four or five rows and realized I messed up the pattern for the sheepsfold sections, so I ripped it back and cast on again.  Eight rows in – halfway through the sheepsfold and through two repeats of the other two cables I set down my work to admire it.  Crap!


I twisted the stitches when I joined them into a circle.  Luckily, I discovered this before it had gotten too large.  Back we go to the beginning.

On the up side – I’m getting really good at the sheepsfold pattern!

Knitting for Babies

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Babies are sprouting up all over my family.  I now have 6 3/4 grandchildren.  It was so much easier than having their parents!  You just show up when called and do what comes naturally.  So, of course, there’s been a lot of knitting.  Most recently there were two Latte Baby Coats and a top down sweater that is so sweet with it’s little sparkly heart shaped buttons I want to hug it every time I look at it.  It needs to go into the mail, though, for Sandy and Jenna, since little Harley Jade will be making her appearance sometime in the beginning of April.

Baby Harley will look so adorable in her little pink sweater, pink heart buttons included!  A very precious little girl in the hobby store helped me pick the buttons out.  She assured me that Harley would never be happy with any other buttons on her first sweater.  It was a really easy knit and the pattern is on Ravelry.


The Latte coats were for my wonderful twin granddaughters, Amy and Riley.  They’re so adorable.  The coat pattern is on Ravelry, and I used a little over 3 balls of Cascade 128 Superwash.  One blue and one purple.  Purchased at River Knits in Lafayette.  If you’re local, go there.  Elizabeth and her staff are AWESOME and can answer any knitting question you could ever think of asking.

Getting Older

By , 6 February, 2013, 2 Comments

Being just weeks away from my 54th birthday, my mind has been wandering over to the “OMG! I’m not young any more!” aisle of consciousness.  My husband reminds me that age is just a number and we’re only as old as we feel, but really…when I get up in the morning I feel more like 84 than 54.  My own fault, to be sure, but still.  So, what am I doing about it?  I’m giving eating better a half assed effort, and I’ve made it to the gym once a week for three weeks.  No need to rush these things.  I’m also climbing the stairs more.  My right knee feels that this is perhaps a poorly thought out maneuver, though.

One other thing I’ve been doing is making a list of all the “getting older” books I have.  I have several.  The one I’m starting to read now was given to my by my husband.  “Getting Over Getting Older,” by Letty Cotten Pogrebin (one of the co-founders of Ms Magazine) wrote this 17 years ago, so we’ll find out how relevant it is in 2013.  I’m hoping for some serious enlightenment and reassurance.

December again. Already.

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Another year is almost done.  It just doesn’t seem possible, but time is going more quickly than ever.  I’ve spent way more time working this year and not nearly enough time at home.  Micah is about to turn 18, and I feel like I’ve missed most of those years.  I’m newly jealous over Jeff’s being home with him for those 12 years.  I feel like they have a bond that I’ll never have.  All that aside, though, and Micah has grown into an amazing young man.  I feel good that he’s had his own parents with him for his entire life, which is more than I could do for any of the others.  I hope we’ve given him a good base upon which to build the rest of his life.  Even if he is a little hesitant to start the rest of his life.  I’m probably being selfish, but I don’t have any problem seeing him there, in the kitchen, gaming, every night when I come home.  I know he won’t be there much longer, and that makes me treasure it all even more.

There’s big changes coming to our house this spring, though.  A new baby – we think its a girl – from our daughter formerly living in California.  She’s home with us for awhile.  Baby Shower invites will be forthcoming!  Just in case you want to know, she’s registered at Baby Depot, and will also be registered at Target in the near future.  Her baby registry at Baby Depot is here.  Here’s the first baby picture!

Her debut will be some time around April 1, 2013.  Micah’s favorite day of the year!  This is the 4D ultrasound.  Amazing!  But I’m hoping her head is a little less bumpy when she’s done baking… :)

Surprisingly, not much knitting for her, yet.  I’m trying to finish the items already on the needles, and one of them is done.  Jeff’s replacement sweater is finished and, although he hasn’t worn it yet, it’s very nice.  No pictures, because I procrastinate with the best of them, but soon.  Also on the needles is a Wingspan for me, in a lovely teal color, Monkey socks (also for me) in Lorna’s Laces in a wonderful harvest gold hand painted, and a pair of plane socks for someone as yet to be designated.  Photos of all to come.

In honor of December, even though there’s no snow here at this time, I’m putting snow on the blog.  Just for you.  No coat necessary. :)