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1 Week In..

I’m still sane.  Well, mostly.  I’ve stopped picking up my phone every couple minutes to check FaceBook, and the world has not ended without me witnessing it in my feed.  I’ve been tempted a couple times to log back in, but I’ve resisted and I’m happy with this so far.  I’ve found some issues I didn’t really think through before I pulled the plug, but I’ve worked around them.  There are some people I love and want to keep track of with whom FaceBook is my only link.  One of them is Galal, my Yemeni exchange student.  We didn’t chat often, but I’m sad that I can’t see when he’s online.  He has my cell number, though, and can always get a hold of me.  There’s some friends, too, that I’ve realized I only connected with on FB, but I have other ways to connect with them.  If we don’t, then perhaps the friendship was not meant to be.

On a larger scale, I’m less stressed out.  My attention span seems to be increasing, and I’m reading more.  I’ve become quite a devotee of and Medium.  My research leanings have started kicking in, and I find myself delving into topics much more deeply than I have for quite awhile.  Topics include:

Productivity Methods – Mostly because IQTELL is shutting down and now what??
Exercise – Excellent article about how a guy found that he liked it, but not after trying a bunch of stuff.  I’ve been doing more reading on how to find “the” exercise.  I’m hopeful.
Psychedelics as anti-depressants – OMG!  I had no idea there was so much research into this, and as I find that my current meds are working at the moment, they won’t forever, so let’s check this out.
Reading and Books – A renewed desire for marginalia and Commonplace Books

So much more, but you see where I’m going.  There’s a whole world out there that doesn’t include our Baby Prez and his minions, people whining about everything, and what Jay-Z had for lunch.  Eco-funerals definitely trump Beyonce’s home birth of twins.  AI advancements beat the crap out of anything the Kardashian’s might have going on.

I estimate I’ve gained at lease 90 minutes a day, and I’m being very conservative with that estimate.  I still check out Twitter, but only to see what deep conversations @XplodingUnicorn has had with his small children.  Follow him.  Seriously.

So far, so good, as we say.  Next post will be actual knitting stuff.  Here’s a teaser…

WIPs and FOs

For you non-knitterly people, that’s work(s) in progress and finished objects.  The cold and the snow has meant many knitting hours and I have used them to good measure.  I’m actually considering a FOPM – finished object per month – challenge for myself.  I think I’ve covered all the title acronyms except OK, and that goes without saying!

First, the BSJ turned out incredibly cute, but the recipient insists on growing daily, so it no longer fits.  So, a new KO (knitted object) is in order.  Because the recipient has to be the most happy baby I’ve ever seen, these seem just the thing – Chubbie Wubbles Leg Warmers.

I’m using the recommended fiber in the pictured colorway, appropriately titled “Lollipop.”  Just was a small girl needs to feel pulled together.

The FOs that are awaiting delivery are the Beginner’s Knit Poncho from SweaterBabe, and Spiral Legwarmers from Lilliputian Stitches.  These were by request, and turned out amazingly cute.  Hopefully the recipients will agree with me.

The color isn’t true in the photo.  The poncho is actually a more muted blue.  I used Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Yarn in the Stormy colorway, just under two balls.  The picture on Hobby Lobby’s website is much more true to the color.  The legwarmers are Caron Simply Soft in Lime Light.  They’re a really vivid neon lime and very soft.  I used less than one skein.

WIP include some rainbow socks and Nancy Bush’s Anniversary Socks from the book Favorite Socks.

The Anniversary Socks have been a WIP for six months.  The Rainbow socks are more recent.  Both are taking entirely too long to make!

Rainbow Socks

The Rainbow Socks are Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in in the Lorikeet colorway, I think.  I lost the ball band but I know I got it from my LYS, River Knits.  Not sure how I like them – the colors are much brighter than in the photo, which I like.  The pooling has a sort of a spiral twist, which it ok, but I’ll see how I feel.  I have to finish them because they were the socks I started on the night my mom went into the hospital for the last time.  She passed away on December 28 – just as I was getting to the heel of the first sock.

Anniversary Socks

Knitpicks supplied the yarn for the Anniversary Socks.  Gloss fingering yarn in the Bordeaux colorway.  I’m hoping to have them finished by the end of February.

Gratuitous Dog Picture

I posted this photo because I just love my dogs.  🙂

Muddying the waters

Now that I’ve unleashed at least some of the mid-life crisis angst, I can once again turn to my previous dilemma – blog purpose.  I’ve decided to keep this as my knitting blog and I have actual knitting content to add in a day or so.  I have a lot to say, however, on the current state of humanity.  So, in an effort to keep from muddying the waters of this blog or my home school blog, I’m creating a new blog called Utopia Missed.  Right now it just points to a splash page on my home school site home page.  I wanted Utopia Lost but it was taken.  It will focus on what my vision of a near-perfect world would be, and how far we are from that.  I have so much to say about how we treat each other, and how little care we take with everything and everyone except ourselves.  It will involved umbrellas, dollar bills, walks, intersections, borders, and a lot of other seemingly unrelated topics.  The site isn’t up yet, although I have purchased the domain name.  I’m hoping to get the site launched within a month or so.

Knitting content to follow – I promise.