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On a Personal Note

tumblr_msmojqYPa41rly3kto1_500This year I turned 56.  Sometimes it seems young and other times it seems old.  Mostly it feels in between.  My hair is gray by my own wishes.  I won’t color it again.  I wear almost no make up.  I rarely wear a bra.  I know, TMI.  I have a bunch of saggy parts and I’ve lost a lot of body strength, although that could be regained through exercise. I wear what I want, when I want.  Sometimes I sleep naked, and I no longer worry about my husband seeing all the saggy bits. After all, he has a few, too.

I express my opinion more and more, with far less concern about how other people feel about it.  I hope I don’t offend people, but if I do, so be it.  I feel clearer than I’ve ever felt before, and I have less tolerance for bullshit.  I feel like there’s not enough time for crap.  Don’t believe in climate change?  How do you feel about gravity?  Because it’s not a belief kind of thing.  Don’t like gays?  Then we should probably not be friends, because if you write off a whole group of people because you don’t agree with how they live their lives, then I’ll be applying that logic to you, personally.  Don’t like people who don’t believe in your God?  Also should probably part ways, since your religion is your business and mine – or rather my lack of belief – is mine.  I’m pretty sure you’ll get what’s coming to you when you die whether I believe or not.

I know I’m being deliberately confrontational here, and that’s fine.  Because that’s who I’m becoming.  For the first time in my life I am starting to feel strong.  I’m even beginning to see my tendency to cry when angry as a strength, and not the weakness I’ve been taught that it is.  I feel that my point of view is at least as important as anyone else’s, and possibly more important than some – those who take for truth everything they’re told by the biased media, and refuse to find out for themselves what it’s all about.  If that’s you, then maybe we can’t be friends anymore, either.

I’ve spent the past 50 years of my life keeping my own council, staying in the background, and putting everything and everyone before myself.  I have valuable opinions, informed opinions, and often controversial opinions, and now I’m going to be expressing them more.

I’ve stopped expecting people to know what I want and started telling them.  If I need something to be a certain way, its my responsibility to either make it so, or let people know that’s the way I want it.  The kitchen rug needs to be vacuumed?  I used to wait until someone else noticed and did it.  Now I do it myself, or ask someone to do it.  I actually may just get rid of the damn rug and eliminate the problem altogether.  The same with all the crap that needs to be dusted.

All of this is to say that I’m moving to a new stage in life.  I’m crossing a bridge, so to speak.  I’m moving from the me that is all things to all people, to the me that is just…me.  I’m working towards liking those parts of me I agree with, and letting go of the parts I’m not ok with.  I’m acknowledging that if I don’t do something, it’s ok, but the consequences are mine to own.  Slept all day and didn’t do laundry?  Ok, but that might mean the next day is spent doing whatever I blew off to sleep.  I’m’ owning my decisions.

Part of crossing this bridge is acknowledging that I am no longer young.  Not really old, either, but definitely not young.  The world looks at me and sees my gray hair, my well padded body, and my laugh lines and dismisses me as being less vital.  That part is not ok, but I can’t change our society.  I’m actually more vital than I’ve ever been, in my opinion.  I feel more alive than I have at any point in my life.  I could say I just FEEL more than ever before in my life.  In a good way.

In celebration of this change that has been taking place ever so slowly over the past 10 years, I am participating in a croning ceremony at the Pagan Spirit Gathering this year over the Summer Solstice.  A croning ceremony marks the final stage in a woman’s life – something that in ancient times was common, and among more “primitive” cultures still exists.  There are pagan, Jewish and many other croning rituals.  For me, at PSG, the week will be spent preparing with meditation, a sweat lodge, challenges, and other activities, culminating in the ritual at the end of the week.  I’m also selecting a new name, to embrace the “new” me – Macha.  She is part of a triple goddess, the Morrigan, representing war, fertility, earth, and protection.  I feel that this gives a true representation of my self, as I see me.

I only wish that certain people could be there with me – my sisters Laura and Vicki, and my closest and best friends: Cheryl, Susan, Tina, and Teryn (who I haven’t seen in 22 years but is often in my heart), and my daughters and granddaughters: Kaitee, Susanne, Brooklyn, Callie, Charlotte, and Harley, and my daughters-of-the-heart: Meghan, Ashley, and Jenna.  These are the women in my life to whom I hope I am a blessing, and who are a blessing to me.  I hope by embracing this new phase of my life, I can show them not only who I am becoming, but also what great changes await them in the fullness of their lives.



Knitting for Babies

Babies are sprouting up all over my family.  I now have 6 3/4 grandchildren.  It was so much easier than having their parents!  You just show up when called and do what comes naturally.  So, of course, there’s been a lot of knitting.  Most recently there were two Latte Baby Coats and a top down sweater that is so sweet with it’s little sparkly heart shaped buttons I want to hug it every time I look at it.  It needs to go into the mail, though, for Sandy and Jenna, since little Harley Jade will be making her appearance sometime in the beginning of April.

Baby Harley will look so adorable in her little pink sweater, pink heart buttons included!  A very precious little girl in the hobby store helped me pick the buttons out.  She assured me that Harley would never be happy with any other buttons on her first sweater.  It was a really easy knit and the pattern is on Ravelry.


The Latte coats were for my wonderful twin granddaughters, Amy and Riley.  They’re so adorable.  The coat pattern is on Ravelry, and I used a little over 3 balls of Cascade 128 Superwash.  One blue and one purple.  Purchased at River Knits in Lafayette.  If you’re local, go there.  Elizabeth and her staff are AWESOME and can answer any knitting question you could ever think of asking.


No.  Not really.  But I got your attention, didn’t I?

Now, here’s a gratuitous baby picture of Charlotte wearing the sweater I made for her.  No, she’s not frowning because of the sweater.  She’s frowning because people keep snapping pictures of her.  The paparazzi are SO annoying!


It’s been almost three months since we lost Buddy, and while I still miss him and expect to see his face pressed against the front door window each night, we’re moving on.  There’s a new dog on the block.  She’s five months old and full of energy and cunning!  We named her Lucy, and it seems very appropriate for her.



She’s a Chihuahua/Beagle mix.  In the second picture she was deciding whether to jump into my lap or not.  She jumped.  Luckily I caught her!  She’s a complete cutie!

We aren’t discussing NaNoWriMo.  Let me just say that there’s always next year.

Almost back on track

This is going to be a short one, since it’s only 20 minutes until my bedtime.   I’m very strict with myself on bedtime, and I don’t want to have to ground myself this weekend if I’m up late. 

I’ve been thinking all day about what to write about, and I’ve come up with a lot of topics that take a lot of research and 20 minutes isn’t enough time for that.  I would have had more time, but I was setting up The Boy’s assignments for the week and typing up the instructions.  If all goes as planned, he’ll have a driving permit by Saturday afternoon.  Then the REAL fun begins.

None of our other kids got a license before they moved out.  It wasn’t that we planned it that way, but one thing after another happened, along with several moves, and each kid got his or her license on his or her own.  The Boy will be the first one to have a permit prior to his 18th birthday. 

I’d been dreading this, because I have nightmares about the cost of insuring a teen boy.  I was overjoyed to find out that you don’t have to insure them until they actually obtain a license.  Permits don’t require insurance.  Of course, you do have to actually let them drive, which is a bit scary.  We all learned at one time or another, though, so how bad could it be?

Since The Boy’s friend has his license, there’s already the possiblity that he will be out on the roads without parental supervision, albeit as a passenger.  His friend is 18, so he’s legal to drive with others in the car even though he’s only had his license for a few months.  This is also scary.  He (The Boy) did go to Indianapolis to GenCon with his two licensed friends, and they all came home safely.  I drank a lot of wine that weekend.

I’m sure everything will be fine, and The Boy will do all the assigned school work, and he’ll pass the written test for his permit, and we’ll have a lovely Sunday practicing driving, and the Republicans will back Obama…

Got carried away there.  Sorry.  And my time is up.  Ten minutes to get ready for bed, set the alarm, and dream happy dreams of The Boy driving, and stuff like that.