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1 Week In..

I’m still sane.  Well, mostly.  I’ve stopped picking up my phone every couple minutes to check FaceBook, and the world has not ended without me witnessing it in my feed.  I’ve been tempted a couple times to log back in, but I’ve resisted and I’m happy with this so far.  I’ve found some issues I didn’t really think through before I pulled the plug, but I’ve worked around them.  There are some people I love and want to keep track of with whom FaceBook is my only link.  One of them is Galal, my Yemeni exchange student.  We didn’t chat often, but I’m sad that I can’t see when he’s online.  He has my cell number, though, and can always get a hold of me.  There’s some friends, too, that I’ve realized I only connected with on FB, but I have other ways to connect with them.  If we don’t, then perhaps the friendship was not meant to be.

On a larger scale, I’m less stressed out.  My attention span seems to be increasing, and I’m reading more.  I’ve become quite a devotee of and Medium.  My research leanings have started kicking in, and I find myself delving into topics much more deeply than I have for quite awhile.  Topics include:

Productivity Methods – Mostly because IQTELL is shutting down and now what??
Exercise – Excellent article about how a guy found that he liked it, but not after trying a bunch of stuff.  I’ve been doing more reading on how to find “the” exercise.  I’m hopeful.
Psychedelics as anti-depressants – OMG!  I had no idea there was so much research into this, and as I find that my current meds are working at the moment, they won’t forever, so let’s check this out.
Reading and Books – A renewed desire for marginalia and Commonplace Books

So much more, but you see where I’m going.  There’s a whole world out there that doesn’t include our Baby Prez and his minions, people whining about everything, and what Jay-Z had for lunch.  Eco-funerals definitely trump Beyonce’s home birth of twins.  AI advancements beat the crap out of anything the Kardashian’s might have going on.

I estimate I’ve gained at lease 90 minutes a day, and I’m being very conservative with that estimate.  I still check out Twitter, but only to see what deep conversations @XplodingUnicorn has had with his small children.  Follow him.  Seriously.

So far, so good, as we say.  Next post will be actual knitting stuff.  Here’s a teaser…

WsIP – That’s a plural…

My plan today was going to be organizing the knitting bag.  I use the term "knitting bag" very loosely.  It’s also a recepticle for whatever doesn’t fit in my purse.  At this point, that’s almost everything.

There are two birthday cards, my lunch, knitting notions, my kindle, pattern book, wallet, assorted knitting, pens, paper, etc. – really a lot of junk (except the knitting, of course).  Will I sort out all the flotsam and put back only the knitting – probably not.  Of the knitting, there are (only) three real projects in the bag. 

  • Baby Surprise Jacket – soon to be frogged and redone in either orange or yellow with a white stripe.  I’m not loving the variagated yarn I’m currently using.  Not to be discarded altogether, though.  I have made a vow to finish at least one BSJ!
  • Anniversary Socks – recently had to tink back too many rows because I lost track of where I was.  Now past the first pattern repeat and loving the look.  Thinking about moving it to two circs, though.  It might be easier going.
  • Generic Sock – my first toe up sock.  Currently in time out due to bad toe behavior.

This is just a gratuitous dog picture, because Spike is so cute.  Especially with his paw up like that.  So adorable.

I was reading Abby‘s blog, which led to Toni‘s blog, which made me think about how much yarn and fabric I have.  I like her idea of 100 projects for the year, but I have so much going on.  I think 100 projects might be a tad ambitious.  Those of you who know me will surely understand.  This year I’m studying Buddhism and meditation, intending to start yoga again, knitting, sewing, reading a book a week, and then there’s my job as an IT manager.  And my blog.  The garden…I don’t think I mentioned that. 

 I think, based on this list, I will attempt 24 projects.  That’s two per month.  Shall we say one sewing and one knitting project each month?  That seems reasonable. 

We’ll see.

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Kindle – a month later

Well, I’ve had my Kindle for a little more than a month now. I still love it, although I’m no longer tethered to it by an invisible umbilical. I find I’m still picking up regular books – for a couple of reasons. First (and perhaps most importantly), the Kindle is obviously not waterproof. This rules out reading in the tub, which is one of my favorite reading locations. Particularly in the winter, because it’s the only time I’m truly warm. Second reason for the regular books is the limited number of Kindle edition books. I got sucked into the Dresden series with “Storm Front,” by Jim Butcher.

Only the first book in the series is on the Kindle, though. The rest are paper copies only. So that’s on hold. Other than that, I’m really happy with it.

Other things I’ve read on the Kindle are:


I started Riptide:

As you can see, lots of Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. Very good and readable. Yes, I’ve been reading a lot. Knitting – not so much.

It seems my right shoulder is now having issues with my knitting habits, so I’ll have to cut back. I did finish a couple of things.


This is the spa set I made for my friend’s birthday. I gave it to her Saturday, so I can (finally!) post it. She occasionally reads my blog, and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I’ve also just finished a pink linen face cloth for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, but I’m not happy with it. I’ll probably keep it and make her something else. It’s rather rough. Maybe if I wash it a couple more times it will soften up. The shower is in a week, so I have time.