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1 Week In..

I’m still sane.  Well, mostly.  I’ve stopped picking up my phone every couple minutes to check FaceBook, and the world has not ended without me witnessing it in my feed.  I’ve been tempted a couple times to log back in, but I’ve resisted and I’m happy with this so far.  I’ve found some issues I didn’t really think through before I pulled the plug, but I’ve worked around them.  There are some people I love and want to keep track of with whom FaceBook is my only link.  One of them is Galal, my Yemeni exchange student.  We didn’t chat often, but I’m sad that I can’t see when he’s online.  He has my cell number, though, and can always get a hold of me.  There’s some friends, too, that I’ve realized I only connected with on FB, but I have other ways to connect with them.  If we don’t, then perhaps the friendship was not meant to be.

On a larger scale, I’m less stressed out.  My attention span seems to be increasing, and I’m reading more.  I’ve become quite a devotee of and Medium.  My research leanings have started kicking in, and I find myself delving into topics much more deeply than I have for quite awhile.  Topics include:

Productivity Methods – Mostly because IQTELL is shutting down and now what??
Exercise – Excellent article about how a guy found that he liked it, but not after trying a bunch of stuff.  I’ve been doing more reading on how to find “the” exercise.  I’m hopeful.
Psychedelics as anti-depressants – OMG!  I had no idea there was so much research into this, and as I find that my current meds are working at the moment, they won’t forever, so let’s check this out.
Reading and Books – A renewed desire for marginalia and Commonplace Books

So much more, but you see where I’m going.  There’s a whole world out there that doesn’t include our Baby Prez and his minions, people whining about everything, and what Jay-Z had for lunch.  Eco-funerals definitely trump Beyonce’s home birth of twins.  AI advancements beat the crap out of anything the Kardashian’s might have going on.

I estimate I’ve gained at lease 90 minutes a day, and I’m being very conservative with that estimate.  I still check out Twitter, but only to see what deep conversations @XplodingUnicorn has had with his small children.  Follow him.  Seriously.

So far, so good, as we say.  Next post will be actual knitting stuff.  Here’s a teaser…

Communication with Humans

I recently decided to delete my Facebook account. I’m not alone.  It’s getting to be pretty common. I was finding myself on Facebook all day, every day. It upset me with things I can do nothing about, as well as things I should change, but probably won’t. I belonged to a lot of groups for things like social justice, politics, knitting, weaving, spinning, and homeschooling; but I was spending all my time on Facebook reading things about these topics and doing nothing related to them. I also stayed to keep in touch with people who have no interest in keeping in touch with me.  Letting go is hard.  So, it’s gone. I didn’t advertise my decision, and so far (to my slight dismay) very few people have actually noticed. Is a true mark of friendship these days measured by who notices your absence from Facebook? If so, I have two awesome friends – that’s you Jeff and Michelle. It’s hard to say which one noticed first, but it was within minutes of each other, and within the first hour I was offline. That says something right there, don’t you think? I was only gone from Facebook for an hour before two people noticed. I was on there way too much.

It’s been two days and I find myself navigating to to just look for a minute, or to relate some thought I’ve had. I haven’t actually logged in, although I did try once. Since I had my Facebook set up with two factor authentication, there was enough of a delay that I rethought that decision and backed away quickly.

Will I stay away? Who knows. The flesh is weak. I find myself wanting to share things I see and think, and without Facebook as an avenue of communication I feel a little isolated. I still have Twitter and Instagram, and can always share that way, but really….what’s the point of communication if it’s not with another human being? I think maybe I should rethink my phone call aversion and start actually talking to people. Just a thought.