Communication with Humans

I recently decided to delete my Facebook account. I’m not alone.  It’s getting to be pretty common. I was finding myself on Facebook all day, every day. It upset me with things I can do nothing about, as well as things I should change, but probably won’t. I belonged to a lot of groups for things like social justice, politics, knitting, weaving, spinning, and homeschooling; but I was spending all my time on Facebook reading things about these topics and doing nothing related to them. I also stayed to keep in touch with people who have no interest in keeping in touch with me.  Letting go is hard.  So, it’s gone. I didn’t advertise my decision, and so far (to my slight dismay) very few people have actually noticed. Is a true mark of friendship these days measured by who notices your absence from Facebook? If so, I have two awesome friends – that’s you Jeff and Michelle. It’s hard to say which one noticed first, but it was within minutes of each other, and within the first hour I was offline. That says something right there, don’t you think? I was only gone from Facebook for an hour before two people noticed. I was on there way too much.

It’s been two days and I find myself navigating to to just look for a minute, or to relate some thought I’ve had. I haven’t actually logged in, although I did try once. Since I had my Facebook set up with two factor authentication, there was enough of a delay that I rethought that decision and backed away quickly.

Will I stay away? Who knows. The flesh is weak. I find myself wanting to share things I see and think, and without Facebook as an avenue of communication I feel a little isolated. I still have Twitter and Instagram, and can always share that way, but really….what’s the point of communication if it’s not with another human being? I think maybe I should rethink my phone call aversion and start actually talking to people. Just a thought.

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