New Years Resolutions

I’m making a few resolutions this year.  Some are no brainers.  Others, not so much.  I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year, but then I was reading a column by a writer from Vermont, Jessie Raymond, and she made the point that declining to make resolutions implies that you are perfect.  I’m hardly perfect.  No one is.  So, I’ve made a few resolutions that I feel are reasonable, and that I have a possible chance of keeping.

First, I resolve not to kill anyone.  I know you’re thinking that shouldn’t be so hard.  I’ve never even shoplifted, and I have trouble being mean to pit bulls.  You’d be wrong.  I’m a victim of poor career choices and biological imperatives.  (I’m in IT and a mother of a teenager – and others.)  Refraining from doing someone physical harm is a daily struggle.  I ameliorate these urges by biting wit and snappy comebacks (mostly sarcasm).   And by using big words like "ameliorate."

I resolve to refrain from smoking.  "What??" you say?  "But you don’t smoke!"  Exactly.  I needed one I could definitely ace.

I resolve to plant my garden in a timely fashion this year.  That means I’ll put it in before June.  It was a tad late last year.  Oh, and I don’t plant broccoli and cabbage next to the tomatos.  That didn’t work well.  It turns out that they don’t like each other.  I had no idea that they were so exclusive!

I resolve to stop putting my dishes in the sink.  While I may feel that’s the appropriate place for dirty dishes, it drives Jeff nuts.  Since he does the dishes most of the time, and I don’t want to, I think it’s only right that I should consider his feelings on this matter.

Happy New Year (A little late…)

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