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I recently watched a disturbing film called Food, Inc. (Yes, if you click on the link you get Amazon – a girl’s gotta make some money some way!)  It is about the corporatization of food production.  The segments include spots on corn, meat production, genetically modified food and hunger in under-developed countries.  If you watch it (Netflix has it on Watch Instantly), be prepared to start questioning your food purchasing and consumption choices.

I had already started purchasing more organics and any fair trade goods availble when possible.  You can get a lot of stuff through fair trade.  Obviously, you pay a premium – but that’s part of the process.  Corporations are making millions while people like the farmers in Mexico have been displaced (a large cause of the illegal immigrant issue) due to corporate farms in the US.  US farms are paid a subsidy to produce corn, soybeans, wheat, and other crops for less than it costs to plant them.  No independent farmer can compete with that.

Fair trade goods extend from food into products for personal care, clothing, jewelry, home decorations, housewares, etc.  There are many websites, just put fair trade into any search engine.

Of particular interest to me (besides coffee for DH) is yarn (knitting blog…duh!).  I found some fair trade yarn sites.  I was going to pick one, but there are too many to pick from, so here’s a list:

There are more, but I’m sure you enterprising knitters (and friends of knitters) will find them.

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